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Beautiful Bay of Quinte!

Here you'll learn all about me and the passion I have for fishing: my interests and hobbies, the people in my family and friends, my pets, and more. I've even included a list of my favorite links to other sites, which all have beneficial information to any avid angler! I live In Belleville, Ontario and I've fished this area since I was 3 years old. Im now 24 and can't even go through a day without thinking about taking a cast... I guess IM HOOKT!

On this home page, I'll introduce myself and talk about my reasons for wanting a web site.


What's New?

Update April, 9 2005

The mudcat are now biting I caught a few down by Zwicks Island


Justin with a nice CAT!
The varation of fish in the Bay of Quinte is staggering, you might think you have a Walleye on and when she surfaces you might have yourself a channel cat or perhaps a Sheephead (also Freshwater Drum). The odd time people troll themselves into schools of these fish feeding and your bound to catch one through the Bay on day or another. I have even heard stories of people fishing in the opening day tournament, here in Belleville, Ontario and thinking they have that monster walleye and pull up 20-30 LBS carp's.  That's what makes the Bay of Quinte every anglers dream you can go out in the middle of the summer and actually choose between fishing for Large mouth Bass, Smallies, Pickerl, Pike...... there's almost everything in the Bay that's fresh water and Love her for it... I started trolling with my grandpa and grandma at the age of 5 and they taught me alot... But the main thing was to enjoy myself and take in as much of the beauty of being on the water.






One of my fishing buddy's, Justin.

Caught this nice small mouth in the Moira river. The Moira river is a great spot to fish. Whether your into hiking or canoeing and rafting, or perhaps you have a motorboat that's easy enough to launch ( not to many launching spots only one I know of, is at O'briens Bridge also at Stocco and Vanderwater Conservation areas ).  The fishing is great all throughout the river, the species of fish caught here are Musky, Pike, SM Bass, Pickerl, and smaller pan fish like sunfish and rockbass. The hiking is good as well, there are many parks such as Vanderwater, The Frink Center and other spots along the shore to hike and check the beauty of the area.  I have also did some white water rafting down the river and there are some great spots early and when the rain is on hard. Scuttle hole a section through the river is just a blast the rapids rip you strait down at a very nice speed. IT WAS A BLAST!!!!! So if you ever have a chance I suggest dipping your pole in the river or just enjoy the pure beauty of it. 


My bros. with a nice Musky out of Vanderwater
Moira, River


My buddy from work, Gord carved this display all by hand. Painted it himself as well. 3 Nice Crappies! REAL GOOD JOB!


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.