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A day is not over without Fishing!

Well I'm Mike, and Im 24 and all I think about is fishing so if your the same way remember to bookmark this site for I'll be adding my pictures every now and a then.

My name is Mike Martin, I've lived in Belleville, Ontario, all my life, The area is surrounded with areas rich with water and plenty of fish.  The main waters surrounding me are Lake Ontario, Bay of Quinte, Trent River, Salmon River, Moira River and many more. I mainly fish these waters but more lately I've been fishing the B of Q and the Moira river. The Bay of Quinte has been great for Walleye fishing for years but is now a skilled tactic here in Belleville, due to zebra muscles the bottom has cleared up and the Pickerl are a little hardier to find. But due to this change the Bass and Pike #';s have really started to grow.  Bass are bigger and Pike seem to be as well, this year.  The Moira river on the other hand is a great spot to go and relax and get some good rips in on a raft or canoe. I suggest anyone try a stretch from inbetween vanderwater and O'briens Bridge it's a blast and theres plenty of good fishing all the way through. The main constitution of fish in the river are Pike, Bass(small and few large), Musky, Pickerl, Redfin Sucker, and many smaller pan fish.  The key to the river is finding nice weed beds and deeper holes if your going for musky or walleye. I prefer to use spinner baits and weedless lures when go for pike in the river, they seem to sit in huge weed beds about mid day and bang whatever comes close.  I suggest trying these areas if you have not already...KEEP CASTIN!!!

Taking a break from work

What a FISH!

I love seen big fish pulled in but its not always the size the counts when it comes right down to. If you excepect to catch that big one everytime your kidding yourself.  The more you learn and the more you learn to adapt with the fish, is what's going to improve your ratio.  I have found over the years every fishermen goes through his droughts whether it be a day or a week your bound to get skunked. Fish can be like women the more you catch them, the more you want!  I just like to respect the enviroments that are fish live in because without them are hobby would be impossible, I suggest to every fishermen thast sees garbage near a bank to stop and pick it up, even if it's one piece of garbage a day. If we all pitched it, it would be a huge success. KEEP FISHIN!!!!!


Here's a list of some of my favorite spots:

Crotch Lake Clarendon, Ontario
Tumblehome Lodge
Mellon Lake
Beaver Lake
Moira River
Bay of Quinte

Some good spots to fish and CAMP!:
TumbleHOME Lodge Clarendon, Ontario
Sandbanks Picton, Ontario
Loon Lake Resort Madoc, Ontario